Monday, January 03, 2011

"everyone outside!" -me

april 09

wesley. nice helmet!

fixing the seat that always falls back.

the older brother helping the younger! i love this scene!

"your stuck in a big crack oliver"

dad's way of teaching, "just go"

so i have to explain, allister is the active dare devil and is not afraid of anything. oliver is a bit slower and shy at some things. allister riding beside him here and giving advice. he's telling oliver to go straight. because......

this is allister going fast right before he bailed! hahaha! yes it fun to laugh at my kids (he's fine)

wesley is so romantic. he always give me a flower! and he picks the only flower that is all closed up! haha

what a goof my kids are. this is what oliver did to wesley. wesley had no idea!

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