Thursday, November 20, 2008

favorite climbing tree

we have this small mushroomed shaped tree in front of our home that is perfect for 3 year olds to climb and hide. oliver is having fun in his tree


a may night in downtown, i think 9th and broadway.

oliver 3rd bday party

oliver turnes 3 (late blog so he is really now 3 1/2!!!) the party was at our home with a small group of his friends and some family.
in this photo: joshua, oliver, talon, allister, bethany, leyton

oliver's jumper "BEFORE!"

a grown man climbing into a kids jumper. oh dear....

"allister, move out of the way, watch out!" (as jeremy climbes on the top where your not supposed to be!)

goes over well, he decides to do it again....

crashes down, almost bruises his butt on the blower, hahahah! good example for 3 boys!