Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the most bad?

allister flexing to show me how big and scary he can be. ok. the face is scary.

olivers turn to show me what he's got, you cant see here, but his face kinda shakes, haha!

wesley is just baaad!!!! he doesnt even have to make a face b/c his sleeve says it all with all those pirate tattoos!!!

alien obsession

typical day for wesley. :o)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

home life...

watching something...
whatever it is, it must have surprised him.

went back another day.

samantha, our neighbor. she looks like a little fairy.

wesleys faveeeeee monkey

he got this from build-a-bear. always by his side, its funny to me b/c allister was never into stuffed animals.


everyday stuff

i must have snuck up on them or said something to them for them to both make those faces. that is typical me though, i love expressions instead of posed pictures.

oliver uses his ape toes to climb the bars! haha! he thinks he is spiderman.

his muscles

hide and go seek

monkeys turn

lunch time
basket ball/horse

he did good that day

i let him win

brody and jonas

brody and jonas, the 2 cutest twins i know. liz and dan's boys came over one day. brody is on the left, and jonas is on the right, i want to say they were about 10 months here. they were just starting to pull themselves up to stand.

brody again, i think i didnt get a good pic of jonas b/c he wasnt smiling that day but they are twins, they look pretty much the same. ; )

danny elfman

wesley loves listening to danny elfman. nightmare before Christmas, beetle juice, harry potter, etc. in fact all the boys request that everytime i let them choose the music.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

blog queen

im just writing to say that i did not die, i will post as soon as i get my iphoto/computer problems fixed. should be this weekend hopefully. not posting is so fustrating, i have way too many pics waiting. im ready to be a "photo/blog queen" soon once again!!!!