Thursday, August 27, 2009

el rancho de los grangers

aleesa, vienne, sasha, aubree, taking turns giving pony rides

wesley only wanted to be on this red...what is this called road golf cart?

the focus on this picture drives me crazy but i still like it

he smiled right at me, this horse was so nice to the kids and had so much character

ella & aleesa




Friday, August 14, 2009

towsley again

another family hike with so many amazing trails. this is towsley canyon


i just imagine what kinds of cute little animal live here, or scary ones.

i love this tree everytime i see it.

the boys

another dead trunk i love 

spring time arches. "hug your brother!" 

we notice everything

oliver doesnt wait, he runs down every path, and there are some steep cliffs too

look at this wild animal i found watching us


wildlife homes

the three

 pic of me and k. cobain i mean jeremy

we're done and no one is crying, a good day!!!