Thursday, July 30, 2009

little follower

wesley wanted to join allister as a cowboy, or maybe its me that loves to dress my boys. ya... its me!

im your huckleberry

allister needed to be a cowboy for sparkys. i whipped up some chaps and threw it all together. we were pleased.
"get off my property..."
"bang bang!"
ham with the cam!
that is eyeliner, "allister dont touch your face!"
no holster : ( ...but a belt works! : )

take a hike

family hike at towsley canyon. oh my goodness, they all are in the picture together!
jeremy is ahead with allister and oliver. i am HOLDING wesley
zooming in from same spot. deep down jeremy is so glad to be ahead of me, we are both really competitive.
bad focus but i just think its still so cute b/c wesley reminded me of a hawaiian knome on this little path
oompa loompas?
taking blackberry pic
ya i dress my boys in collared shirts when we hike.
allister found his friend from school there. cole
coles dad, mike. he gave us cheese to eat. so random!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

razors and mowers

i am always telling them to leave the neighbors alone. wesley has to becareful not to get his big head stuck in the gate. that happened to me alot growing up! he is so much like me.
olivers now uses allisters old razor scooter

mowing the concrete! bubbles are supposed to blow out. doesnt work to well anymore.
our private driveway, i love it and our neighborhood.

it was too quiet during lunch, wondering where wesley was for a while until i found him here, crashed on our bench. he was pooped from a typical day outside. btw, i think lunch was a quesadilla.

climbing walls like spiderman

he will tell you that he is climbing like spiderman
of course wesley tries. wesley is 1 here, 2 in a month.
hanging out 
oliver looks so young here with that long hair. i miss it and his chubby cheeks too