Friday, March 14, 2008


so i am painting a mural for my christine's daughter, bethany. typical castle theme is what christine wants. i will post the progress here. ive done more than this but here is one pic for now. this is some of the sky, obviously.

30th anniversary

i threw my mom and dad a party for their 30th anniversary. all their close friends and close family members came to woodranch to surprise them, they werent surprised b/c my lovely sister told my parents weeks before. i also made myself get up in front of everyone to read a poem that i wrote for them. that was not easy for me b/c i think im shy at times but i knew they would just love it.

the red pearl

these are my friends: first is me, then kristen, shannon, bonnie, simona, and then christine. we had a girls nite out for kristens bday

boarding 08

this was the one day we got to go shredd, we did get this pic from jeremy's phone, did not turn out so good but im glad we captured this fun day. we went to mtn high. not my favorite place but it was close and i dont want to be too far from the kids, esp little wesley aka meaty meatster.

just for the boys

wrestling time: the boys vs daddy
this pic is so funny, look at jeremy's body language, prepping the impact of allister pounce.

this one is so great too, see olivers saving allister with his little meaty arms as they choke hold jeremy's neck, haha!.