Monday, November 09, 2009

playing till dusk

my boys favorite play date is nana for sure. she's always getting down on their level and they all have a ball!

jan "nana"

he loves to speed by me really fast

starting position and push ups

track meet, sat morning. allister doing push ups to get warmed up. no, no one told him to do it, not the track instructors, he's doing it on his own. he better be careful though, b/c that was how he broke his wrist the last year by doing push ups.

love the starting position!!!

he's soo focused

(gun shot)

i love this pic of nana in the background yelling, "go allister!" i love how hard he's trying. thats why cross country and track is soooo good for allister b/c it helps him to learn to keep enduring even when its tough. hopefully that will apply to other area in his life. thats the goal!!!

getting tired

done with one of the races

end of another race

colored eggs

the next morning we got back from hawaii, we colored eggs with the boys. this time was not as messy as in the past, i wish we had taken pics of the crazy eggs we did, but oh well

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

oahu trip

jeremy and i went to oahu in the spring of 09. just by ourselves, no kids!
its been so long if forgot a lot of the names of a lot of places we went to. we went to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling and there was this guy paddle boarding. it was too cold to snorkel.

koko head

our jeep!

jeremy's shot, he says this pic is really good, haha, ok.

Breakers restaurant in Haleiwa. just a random chicken walking around while we eat.


there are people way down there

whales splashing. about 4 big ones out there

jeremy waits in the jeep while i stare at whales and explore

northshore, pipeline

a forced pic!


thats me

Monday, November 02, 2009

easter 09

easter 09
jeremy's mom, jan stayed with us to celebrate easter.

wesley waste no time!

just being next to candy and chocolate makes him spaz out! i want to be a kid again.

allister and his chocolate bunny

track meet

sat morning at canyon high school
spring 09

team: storm

i was one of storms photographer

allister waiting for another race to begin

every sat was hot

love his start position! haha!
allister did all the different meters from the 100-1500meters, the relays and the long jump

this is one of my fave pics of him taking off

finish line