Tuesday, January 11, 2011

first place

may 16, 09
a hot sat morning

here is allister in the 200 meter dash killing it!
i told him if he wants a first place, this is the one he'll get it in.
watch the sequence here:

the kid in blue was neck and neck with him

this is about where he slows down b/c he things hes got it. im yelling, "hurry, he's catching up!" ya i was "that mom" for a sec.

he did it, im so proud! i know it took everything out of him

a leo cabrillo day

may 9th, 09
family beach day which means bring everything and have really sandy kids in my car. ; )

castle and moat building

he loves to get sandy. look at that gut!

i think he is giving me a shell

see that wave! oh hey oliver!

i hear olivers sound effect in this pic


straight in our pink bath tub they go

Monday, January 03, 2011

no girlfriends already!

may 9, 09

why is my son holding a girls hand and making this face at me?

track meet

valencia high track meet may 09

allister doing the 200 meter baton race (i believe)

long jump

this is a tough one, it was the 1500 meter race.

water gun

may 8, 09

i have to refill wesleys water gun every five minutes.

so he can shoot oliver

and our window

look at that belly!

hes so happy he got the body board to himself. allister kept trying to take it away.

he always so intense

wave clouds

april 23, 09

i knew there was surfing in Heaven!

getto circus

april 09

my kids loved the getto circus! it was kinda cheese ball and a bit dirty but they didnt notice. their favorite was the dirt bikes in the cage ball. 5 bikes in one ball! i was actually kind of scared. everything else i thought was lamo!
we went with the chan family and we brought our neighbor jocelyn. shes a few years older than allister.

oliver+cotton candy=pink beard! HA!

then theres wesley who doesnt weigh much and his seat kept swinging up and his knees would slam into his chest! jeremy and i had to take turns holding his seat down. then wesley said, "no i like sitting like this"

vendors selling light sabors. (sigh...)

"everyone outside!" -me

april 09

wesley. nice helmet!

fixing the seat that always falls back.

the older brother helping the younger! i love this scene!

"your stuck in a big crack oliver"

dad's way of teaching, "just go"

so i have to explain, allister is the active dare devil and is not afraid of anything. oliver is a bit slower and shy at some things. allister riding beside him here and giving advice. he's telling oliver to go straight. because......

this is allister going fast right before he bailed! hahaha! yes it fun to laugh at my kids (he's fine)

wesley is so romantic. he always give me a flower! and he picks the only flower that is all closed up! haha

what a goof my kids are. this is what oliver did to wesley. wesley had no idea!

the first of 50 egg hunts in 2009

ok this is so old. im a bad blogger, but i will get back into this and start keeping up now.

Easter week 09
jeremys enthusiasm.
allister is ready.
oliver is freaking out.
wesley is hoping to not get trampled

he a pro. i already warned him to leave the real easy ones for wesley.

teaching wesley to put the egg in the monkey basket. he's not letting go! haha

telling me to open

all he wanted, soooo happy!

olivers got it down

of course allister get my golden egg. but it took him fooooorever to find it.