Saturday, July 19, 2008

egg tradition

jeremys mom "nana" visited us during easter 08. here she is talking to the boys about Jesus' death and resurrection with the resurrection eggs. its one of our easter traditions.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"hey wally....."

wally is our most favorite neighbor in the world. he is our sweet "mr. wilson" to our boys "dennis the menice" everyday when we go outside, allister or oliver will constantly say, "hey wally, ......", "hey wally, check this out...." im constantly, "allister give wally a break, oliver, wally is busy!" but he is so patient and kind and listens to all their ramblings. he used to be a physics teacher, he is so smart and knows so much, we will pretty much have physic class outside of his garage, the boys and i love it.

here, wally took us on a hike to show the boys and i a rad trial in the hills near our house where other boys built forts/etc.

wally and ginger

friends from birth

easter with the stepan's, here is oliver's little buddy ella. she is tough and can keep up with the boys.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

family pics of our fun 5 mile hike. oliver walked it no prob and with no complaints, allister on the other hand........ but here is allister at the beginning in a good mood.


neat wall

excited boy with a heavenly light

no ducks were harmed

i caught a duck for wesley, we didnt know what was with wesley's tongue???? maybe he was hungry?

oliver says, "Hi Duckie!!!"

ducks followed us for more food