Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wrightwood, CA

every year the day after thanksgiving we head up to Wrightwood. the whole village gathers to see the lighting of the tree. we walk around and every store offers hot apple cider. there is a cute ornament shop like no other and a great candy shop next to that. in the middle court yard, families line up to meet with the Claus'. this year was BITTER cold!

santa asks allister what he'd like for Christmas.
"I want a Ben 10 Watch, a new DS Ben 10 game, and an ipod!"
(i was thinking, "an ipod! ya right!!!!")

jeremy was holding oliver b/c he was crying (scared of santa).

Monday, January 05, 2009

running with allister

cross country practice, Storm (allisters team) encourages the parents to run with the kids. i love to but its almost worst when i do b/c allister starts complaining soooo much. "mom, i cant do this, im so tired!....." but when im not running, he is totally capable and he does fine. i know it is all an act so i just ignore him as i am running.

we are stretching (he doesnt want to hold my hand!)

allisters pose makes me laugh

a race in sylmar (right before the bad fires)

finish line

Sunday, January 04, 2009

more disneyland...

jeremy and boys are going on the matterhorn for the 2nd time. love jeremys face! haha! he hates crowds.

this picture shows jeremy 2 favorite things here, the monorail and the submarines. he is all about tomarrowland. if you want any disneyland update, call my husband. can can pratically give tours.

bad picture but i had to show people what wesley and i do while we hang out together, we are always having tea!

the wesley sized door is always too adorable. i remember being his age and getting fustrated that i couldnt open it.

these last 2 pics were taken a few years ago but who would know. they are some of my favorite spots to look at while im there. i love when the guys hike up the matterhorn, i want to someday.

where is mickey mouse?

oliver and wesley were knocking on every door of the castle b/c they thought mickey mouse lived inside.

oliver was going a little crazy ...see here.

we finally get to mickeys house in toon town and they were pretty stoked; and they all amazingly stood and took a decent picture all together.

then we walked outside and saw minnie! oliver was in love!

later i was watching wesley so he wasnt rearranging the decor and....

i find oliver climbing a post! totally normal in the davis household!

we see another character (forgot her name but we always call her woodys girlfriend) and oliver goes bizzerk and grabs her tightly BY THE LEG! he is so into those characters. it makes standing in line and putting up with crazy people at the park all worth it.

hot cocoa 50 cents!

allister wanted to make some money for the missionaries at our church. his goal was $5.00. instead of selling lemonade, on this cold day we sold hot cocoa. allister made exactly $5.00!!! oliver had a blast just eating all the marshmellows. sugar rush!

park days

some fun shots of wesley and oliver at the park. as you can tell, i just love taking pics of my kids. (typical parent!)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

now you can see how we play

this is one of allister new birthday toys. the transformer helmet that distorts your own voice, say transformer words and different sound effects.

here are 3 videos that show how the night progresses into chaos in our home. "transformer dad" vs "the boys"
video 1


video 3
allister got a DS from grandma for his 7th bday. jeremy and i held off on the DS as long as possible. we finally gave in and let grandma get one for him. notice wesley is picking his nose the whole time! haha

allisters 7th bday

allisters bday party was iron man theme. also b/c the movie just came out on video. we were going to have an outdoor theater but it rained so it was a crazy indoor theater with a million kids in our living room. we were snug. they has so much fun though.


i think oliver took this of me. i just love his angle.

simi valley race

here we are at allisters cross country race in simi valley.
oliver waiting. (this is pic is also used in our Christmas card)

allister finishing!

we are on a cable show?!!!

allister and i are on a show! i believe it is called Home Remedies.
its all about organic home remedies/treatments for any sicknesses. we did a segment on ear aches. allister was so amazing at this. we was really into it too. we will get the tape of the show soon.