Tuesday, December 09, 2008

kindergarden graduation

these are some pics of allister at his kindergarden graduation. so sad he is getting bigger. : (
walking down the aisle.

allister, evan and alec

allister and his buddy cole giving me the salute. it was hawaiian theme that day but he insisted on wearing a white collared shirt and tie.

i think this is maddy, then allister and ellie

ellie and allister, have been girlfriend and boyfriend for 2 year, from junior k to kindergarden. allister cant face the face that ellie has moved on and he is not her boyfriend anymore. he looooovess her. i think her new boyfriend is a boy named gavin. just today i was asking about gavin to allister, and i said, "isnt that ellie's boyfriend?" allister replied, no, i am.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

favorite climbing tree

we have this small mushroomed shaped tree in front of our home that is perfect for 3 year olds to climb and hide. oliver is having fun in his tree


a may night in downtown, i think 9th and broadway.

oliver 3rd bday party

oliver turnes 3 (late blog so he is really now 3 1/2!!!) the party was at our home with a small group of his friends and some family.
in this photo: joshua, oliver, talon, allister, bethany, leyton

oliver's jumper "BEFORE!"

a grown man climbing into a kids jumper. oh dear....

"allister, move out of the way, watch out!" (as jeremy climbes on the top where your not supposed to be!)

goes over well, he decides to do it again....

crashes down, almost bruises his butt on the blower, hahahah! good example for 3 boys!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the beginning of summer we went to palm springs. it had been so hot there but the couple of days we go down there, it was actually cold. all the locals were happy. jeremy told me that when he was younger, he went on the aerial tramway to Mt. San Jacinto. so we decided to take the boys up there for something to do. it was alot of fun. there was some snow and it was really really cold.

the tramway cars have been replaced several times, here is one of the vinatage cars jeremy went on. they are 80 passenger cars that make a 2 1/2 mile trip up to the mt. station elevation of 8,516 feet.


going up is really steep. this construction cost $8,000,000.00 and 2 years to build. the first tram ride cost $1000.00.

there are pathways up there to hike

"just sit for just a sec!"

allister and oliver didnt stop running around

im swimming in jeremys jacket.

jeremy was ready to go, we went inside and they had a bunch of activities for the kids to do. crafty stuff.

at the base of the mtn. this was a forced family pic. can you tell!? haha!

Monday, September 22, 2008

day dreaming

oliver was in his own little world talking to himself and eating an apple.

finally he catches me watching him.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

painted pony

some friends (jessica and bonnie) and i took our kids to the Paint Pony Farm in Ojai, CA. it was so much fun. they milked a goat, made yummy ice cream from the milk, played on the farm with all the goats and other animals.
here is a view of the pretty farm house that is on the the farm. dont you also love the view of the goats butt!

the silly goats

oliver and his reflection. i had to watch him like a hawk so he didnt do anything like jump in that water!

welsey pushing the huge wheel barrow

wesley by the chicken coupe

let me in!!!

realized he couldnt get in, so he takes off to the next spot

he found a nice goat that wouldnt run from him

after the painted pony farm, we went honey tasting on the hwy 126. my boys had a hard time staying put listening to her after the honey they ate and being on a sugar high!

los loco tres hermanos

i got them to sit ....for only a sec!


strawberry fields

my friends and i brought our kids to the farm in bakersfield to pick strawberries. they were so excited to get out there.

wesley running down all the aisles

he ate so many!

vienne sat and ate too! i called her little strawberry short cake

aubree and her baskets

little buddies: oliver and ella ...in there own little world

Friday, August 15, 2008

a block away

these are some different trails near our home, they are so rad, they have amazing views, small paths at times with really good smelling flowers along the way. im so lucky!

nana and the boys, they all wanted to wear hats. it was so windy on the top of the mtn, they were blowing off.

they were fighting over having the bigger stick!

i think this was the last time i used the bjorn b/c wesley was so huge and heavy! he is half my size