Sunday, June 29, 2008


a group of us rented out a rollerskating rink at moonlight rollerway in glendale, we dressed and skated to the 80's
jeremy (axel rose) and i do the train

.... our friends were saying that jeremy and i just came in our usual attire

caroline, christine, simona, me, kristen and bonnie

bonnie came FASHIONABLY late


christine and i are really cool


simona and bonnie

jeremy before

jeremy after

then he had to take a break

group pick of most the people who came, those of you who didnt come, sorry but it was so fun and ya missed out!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

group hike

mint cyn hike in agua dulce bonnie, kristen and i and all our kids totaling=10! so fun.
here are the boys in the poppy field.

i love when i get flowers from my boys, teaching them early, : )

oliver was pretty tired and needed a nap, i love how he held ellas doll by the head!!!

wesley turns 1

happy 1st birthday wesley!!!! we just had a small party with the fam, my parents, talon, neighbors and their kids. we had a bunny ice cream cake, his birthday is march 19th, 07.

blue plaid overload, wesley, jeremy, oliver and my dad all had blue plaid on.

cake=very happy!

oliver loves his pop pop soooo much, he cried when pop pop had to go home. so cute

Thursday, June 12, 2008

new discoveries

first ever dandelion, he could only blow his bangs! hehe!

the little things

i know, i know, im THAT mom who delights in every miniscule thing my kids do. well those of you who dont have kids, you'll understand when you do. : )
i just loved watching them throw rocks in the creek. esp oliver as he laughed out loud after every thrown rock


poor oliver

i caught allister passing oliver up as he gives oliver a nudge. oliver hits the ground. poor oliver has many more years of this treatment until he gets a little bigger.

still hiking

some more great pics of our hike,
oliver found a big log!

they found a small creek and loved jumping over it, i just stood there and watched them.

spring hikes and hams

allister, oliver, wesley and i hike in the hills around our neighborhood in the spring time.
here they are by a fence just being so cute

allister being the ham that he is

oliver expressing himself

run allister run!

allister loves to run in races, so any that we come across, we sign him up. allister did a mile at this race

him and his metal

mural update

here is an update of the mural im doing for little bethany
ive done a little more with the tree that is not shown here,
its taking me foreverrrrr b/c i have to do this when the kids are in bed,
its not my career

here is wesley taking his first cruise in the house with the police car having a blast

oliver and wesley are so small that they both fit, they were loving it

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

kid canvas

i paint my boys faces quite often, allister wanted to be a ninja turtle and i made oliver into a clown, our neighbor laughed pretty hard.

Ink for Kids

im probably the only mom to put a sleeve on her son but it was fun and it turned out pretty good.
all pirate images, then we fill it in with a washable black marker. some people thought it was real. i loved seeing there shocked faces as they saw my six year olds arm! hehe!