Sunday, January 04, 2009

more disneyland...

jeremy and boys are going on the matterhorn for the 2nd time. love jeremys face! haha! he hates crowds.

this picture shows jeremy 2 favorite things here, the monorail and the submarines. he is all about tomarrowland. if you want any disneyland update, call my husband. can can pratically give tours.

bad picture but i had to show people what wesley and i do while we hang out together, we are always having tea!

the wesley sized door is always too adorable. i remember being his age and getting fustrated that i couldnt open it.

these last 2 pics were taken a few years ago but who would know. they are some of my favorite spots to look at while im there. i love when the guys hike up the matterhorn, i want to someday.

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