Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the beginning of summer we went to palm springs. it had been so hot there but the couple of days we go down there, it was actually cold. all the locals were happy. jeremy told me that when he was younger, he went on the aerial tramway to Mt. San Jacinto. so we decided to take the boys up there for something to do. it was alot of fun. there was some snow and it was really really cold.

the tramway cars have been replaced several times, here is one of the vinatage cars jeremy went on. they are 80 passenger cars that make a 2 1/2 mile trip up to the mt. station elevation of 8,516 feet.


going up is really steep. this construction cost $8,000,000.00 and 2 years to build. the first tram ride cost $1000.00.

there are pathways up there to hike

"just sit for just a sec!"

allister and oliver didnt stop running around

im swimming in jeremys jacket.

jeremy was ready to go, we went inside and they had a bunch of activities for the kids to do. crafty stuff.

at the base of the mtn. this was a forced family pic. can you tell!? haha!

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