Sunday, November 04, 2007

halloween party at our house

here is oliver as an oompa loompa, the wig did not last long. we tried

the fam: audrey, willie wonka, the black spidey, oompa, and wesley (supposed to be a clown)

we had sooo many people at our house for the halloween party, more than our little place can fit, tons of kids playing everywhere, almost everyone dressed up, here are some shots of our friends and fam.
aubree: raggedy ann

oliver loves cup cakes!

our neighbor kim was such a clown!

elijah and matthew: the ninjas!

little leyton

aleesa: chinagirl

my mom with wesley

big bad wolf, willie wonka, and jack skellington

chocolate face stella!

this is what candy does to my son allister. he was so spazed running around and having a ball!


bonnie aka sally

jeremy walking somewhere ( not sure what he is doing)

my dad claiming his spot on the pyramid

my mom, dad, wesley, and my sisters kid talon

our huge spider bouncer. the kids got crazy in it.

partys over! allister's beat

the bounce company called me to tell me their truck broke down and asked if i can have the bouncer at our house for an extra 4 days. i said, "um i have 3 boys, YA!", and of course we all enjoyed it every morning, noon and nite!!!!!

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